TheCassetteMasthead2 Oliver
Ch. Gloaming Wood Aries Aspect, CD, CGC

Ch. Gloaming Wood Aries Aspect, CD, CGC

(BIS Am./Can. Ch. Aries Candray Comet ex Tartanside Aries Aria)
 Co-bred with Diane Harrington

 Oliver was a puppy from a litter I co-bred with my friend Diane Harrington, and was my first champion. He had bone, balance, neck, and a real “look at me” attitude and pretty much romped his way to his championship
       When Oliver finished his championship I advertised the accomplishment in all the collie publications. “Now watch for him in the obedience ring!” I crowed. (I like to see titles on BOTH ends of my dogs’ names.) And people DID watch for him. Trouble was, Oliver loved playing to a crowd. More than once I executed a perfect off-lead heeling pattern all by myself, with Ollie visiting with people at ringside. Long downs practically gave me nervous breakdowns. And there was one match early in our obedience career... We were ready and I thought we’d do well. Oliver and I entered the ring confidently. The heel on lead was about as good as it gets. Off-lead heeling started out nicely, but in my peripheral vision I could see him drop back to sniff the ground. Then he hurried back in position. No, actually, he forged ahead until he was in position to lift his leg on mine! I guess he’d smelled something interesting in the grass and I was the only vertical thing handy. “Now you’ll have something to write about in “Cassette,” chuckled my friend Sandy as we left the ring in disgrace. Oliver did finish his CD, but not before I learned why they call them “trials”. They certainly were that for me! But because of Ollie I made many new friends and people still talk about my “bon vivant”

Ch. Gloaming Wood Aries Aspect, CD, CGC

Oliver doing one of his famous “Long Downs”

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