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Lost Dog

Help In  Finding A Lost Dog
 Karen Evans
 I’m assuming that you have put an ad in the paper, contacted the humane society  and the local vets, made up flyers, etc. Do not take it for granted that your dog will make his way home. Some dogs can, but some are hopelessly lost. My Cisco made his way across town from my parents’ house (however you could always count on Cisco to do the unexpected). But Sky got loose from our house twice and was completely  lost. We had to find him both times.
 Is the dog used to a crate? Is there anywhere close to where he was lost where you could leave an open crate with a shirt of yours and some food in it? Have people in the area put out food if possible. If possible, beg, borrow or steal a humane trap. Then once he’s in it, he’s trapped and safe. Voted A #1 best bait to leave in the trap -  KFC!!
 Next, whether or not you believe this, and I’m still not sure I do, see if  there’s a psychic in the area. Verna found Sky when he was lost in Indianapolis (Sky really did like to go exploring). She kept “seeing” him in this one location and that’s where he was found. Tell kids. They are the ones out and about and are more likely to see your dog. Tell them there’s a reward for finding him. They will be actively looking. Another person to contact is the postman for that area. They  usually notice dogs. Ask joggers, walkers, etc.
 Do you have a local radio station in your area? If so, get them to put out a lost dog bulletin. If they refuse, go to the station and start crying (or if you’re a man send your wife, girlfriend, co-worker...). You know men. They’ll do anything to get you to shut up.

If your dog isn’t already  tattooed and/or microchipped, do it when you get him back, and register the number with a national agency. Our rescue group has found 3 dogs because they were tattooed.

 Above all, NEVER GIVE UP!!! I found 1 dog after she had been lost for a year and a half. It does happen.