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Kennel Names

How I Got My Kennel Name

We asked readers to tell us how they decided on their kennel names. We love hearing the stories!

Estella Thomas, “SPICE RACK”:
We had been trying to come up with a kennel name for some time. We wanted a name  we could tie in to individual dog’s names. One day while preparing a meal, I  mentioned to my daughter, Judy, that I needed a spice rack to organize all the  little jars that were cluttering up my cabinet. Judy said, ”Mom! That’s it! Spice Rack! ! ! We can use spice or herbs in the names of our dogs.”  So that’s how ”Spice Rack” became our kennel name. We have worked to make ”Spice Rack Collies” some of the best and we’re proud of them.

Diana Hiiesalu, “EN TAIS”:
My kennel name is En Tais (pronounced Eutice). The way I came up with it has a  lot to do with my dad, Endel, who came to America from Estonia. (He escaped during WWII and came over here on a small fishing boat, and through Ellis  Island). I’m very proud of him and my heritage, and wanted to honor that. A lot  of my Collies are named Estonian names, and my oldest Collie Tais was named  because “tais” means “complete” or “abundance”. I added the ”En” to make a play on words, and have a double meaning, and also it works better for registered names. Tais’ registered name is Kimberee’s Entais, CDX, HTDX.

 DeAnne La Cruze, “SILVERHAWK”:
Living in Nevada- which is Indian for “Snow Capped”- and in Washoe County which is named after the Washoe Indians- I wanted a name that was “Indian sounding”,  even if it was not actually “Indian”. My husband owns a 1957 Silver Hawk  Studebaker. Silver Hawk sounds Indian, I thought to myself. My first male Collie  was named Silver Hawk’s Shi-Loh. But due to the limited letter requirement for  AKC registered names, the two words became one, thus, Silverhawk. All of our  home-bred Collies and puppies produced by our male(s) carry the Silverhawk kennel name on their AKC registrations.

Debbie Tapley, “CAIBOR”:
When my first blue bitch, Caileag, passed on, I wanted to keep her name alive,  but I also couldn’t forget my first Borzoi, Arthur, either. I took the first three letters of “Caileag” and the first three letters of “Bor zoi“ and put them together for my kennel name, “Caibor”.

Lisa Oglesby, “BIT-O-LUCK”:
All my life I’ve been only partially lucky. For instance, if I enter a contest I  get the boobie prize, or if I plant two rose bushes, one blooms and the other fizzles... Get my drift? You know, always a brides maid... So we called our place “Bit-O-Luck”.

Karen B. Evans, "KARASHOME":
We tried a lot of different things before we decided to name our kennel for our 1st Sheltie - the one who started all this madness. Thus, "Kara's Home"  or  Karashome.