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Embarrassing Moments

 Embarrassing Moment
Anne Lively
Gloaming Wood Collies

 All dog people have had embarrassing moments. If you’re lucky, only a few! We invite readers to share their stories. Here’s one of mine...

 Our house has two sets of French doors in the dining room. Because we live in a rural area with few neighbors, we’ve never felt a need for draperies.

 One evening years ago, I was dancing in the dining room with my blue bitch Lucy.  Just as we waltzed by the French doors the door bell rang. (Come on, dog people,  tell me that you never dance with your dogs!) Just a foot away, on the other  side of the glass door, I caught a glimpse of a woman, hand frozen in midair, as if trying to decide whether to knock or not.

 Trying to regain at least a small part of my dignity, I opened the door. The  woman was a volunteer collecting money for the American Heart Association. ”Did you see me dancing with my dog?” I asked sheepishly. “Yes”, she laughed, ”but never mind, dear. I’ve seen all sorts of odd things in my travels!”