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Daisy  -  Original oil by Anne
Ch. Free Spiritís Stardusting, Am./Can. CD, TT, CGC, VC

Ch. Free Spirit’s Stardusting, Am./Can. CD, TT, CGC, VC
(Ch. Vennessee’s Sculptured In Blue x Free Spirit’s Total Eclipse)
Breeder: Sharon Bryant

1993 - 2003

    When Rori was just about finished with her championship I started
looking for another show dog. I always like the excitement of having a
dog to show! Daisy came to us when she was ten months old. She was a showy, confident, fun loving dog and we fell in love with her immediately.
     Although her breeder had registered her as Free Spirit’s Stardusting, she’d never really given her a call name. “Blue Baby” was what she’d been called since birth. Because I’m partial to names with “z” sounds (Maybe that’s one of the things I like about my husband.His last name is Zelinsky!) we set about choosing a name for her. “Daisy” doesn’t have an actual “z”, but it does have the sound I like. Day-zee. The name suited her, too; she was sunny and cheerful like the flower.
     On summer evenings I sit on the stone stoop while the dogs have their final outing before bed. When Daisy was about a year and a half old I sat there on the step and watched her in the shadows of the side yard, pouncing with her front paws, jumping back, and pouncing again.
     “Daisy,” I called, “what are you doing?” Then I could smell what she was doing. The scent of skunk reached me on the evening breeze.  Ed and I didn’t really feel like bathing a dog late at night, but we had no choice. Lucky for us, we had a good supply of Skunk Kleen, a smell neutralizer for skunked dogs, from the time Bob the Skunk lived with us. Our friends thought Skunk Kleen was an amusing gift to bring when they visited. So we bathed Daisy that night, and several more times in the days that followed. Months later, when Daisy was out at the shows, her handler called and asked, “Anne, when did your bitch get hit by a skunk??” We’d thought she smelled fine, but apparently to a new nose the scent still lingered enough to be resurrected every time she was spritzed with the spray bottle.
     Despite that little problem, Daisy finished her championship fast, going Best of Variety over some of the top winning specials in the country.
     With Daisy home from the shows, I got serious about getting her ready to show in obedience. (Serious isn’t really the word... Daisy loved going to class and thought it was one big dog party!) She finished her CD with no problem, and later when she was nine and thought she’d retired, I took her to Canada and she won her Canadian CD in three straight shows - with placements, too.
     I was proud of her and she knew it. “You are a darling dog,” I’d always tell her. And she really, really was.


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